Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Skinny Jeans, Part II

Ooooh, speaking of which... look what I just found on Fashion Addict Diary: http://www.cosmictap.com/2006/04/the_haunting_myth_of.html.
Maybe this is what my professor was getting at?
Although, I do disagree with FAD about skinny jeans (re: FAD). They are not out quite yet because not everybody can wear them. It's not a peasant skirt or, god forbid, Uggs. It's a fashion that is available exclusively to the ultra skinny, and therefore cannot be worn by 99.5% of the population in the Midwest. Yes, yes, London has been doing the skinny jean since 2003, but this is America and we are about 3 years behind on everything. Big surprise.


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