Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Old News with an Odd Little Twist

I realize that skinny jeans are old news... it's just that in my nutrition lecture, my professor happened to be talking about healthy body weight, etc, etc... and then she busts out pictures of celebrities in skinny jeans. And you think you know what she says, right?
WRONG! She starts talking about how fabulous they look, and how society is so preoccupied with calling everyone anorexic that we are missing "great shapes". I think her whole point was that everybody's weight is different and some people happen to be naturally thin. But I was too busy glaring at the tiny little thighs to pay attention to what she was saying. God, I love that woman. Anyway, here are some of the skinny jeans she showed:

Okay, Lindsay wasn't actually on there... but I love her too much.
I'm so glad it's starting to warm up! I'm shopping this weekend, and I can just smelllll the skinny jeans coming.

(pictures from sky.com)


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