Saturday, May 20, 2006


I'm not the biggest fan of fake -ologies, but this one is actually kind of interesting. I just came back from a seminar by Jackie Walker, is a self-proclaimed 'Doctor of Closetology'. "Ok," you're thinking, "Bullshit. I don't even like Dr. Phil, let alone a closetologist."
Well, I was skeptical, too. But it's actually kind of cute. She wrote a book a few years ago called "I Don't Have a Thing to Wear : The Psychology of Your Closet" and it's all about why women only wear 20% of their wardrobes. Even though I consider myself to make sound fashion choices, I can completely relate. Who hasn't stood in front of their closet freaking out because they only had 5 minutes to get ready and they had no clothes to wear? Jackie's theory is that every woman has a mixed type of fashion persona... from classic to natural to modern to romantic, etc. As long as she chooses pieces that are interchangeable and fit into her persona, she should have a great closet full of clothes.
The idea is pretty simple and obvious, but she also had great solutions for everyday problems. For example, when she 'read' my persona, I came out to be 50% classic, 40% mood, and 10% dramatic. Because of my 40% mood-style dressing, I can try on outfits for HOURS and not find anything to wear. Days are spent just piecing together items and walking around my room in circles, staring at the mirror front fifty different angles. She suggests that us 'mood' people spend one day every one or two months piecing together items and figuring out what works for us (and maybe even taking pictures).
Jackie's whole point is to make you feel better about yourself, and I think that's fantastic. The book is a little silly (down to the Cosmo-style quiz about finding your inner style), but very cute and actually resourceful.
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