Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lingerie is supposed to come off, baby.

Wow, wow, wow! And that is not an exclamation of happiness. Chloe? CHLOE? What? How did that happen?
Santino, the most creative and brilliant designer of the entire Project Runway season, wasn't even runner up. His dresses were gorgeous, refined, and full of life. Yes, it was more elegant and toned down from the usual Santino extravagance, but what is wrong with that? Chloe, on other hand, I mean, it was like a horrible shiny satin 80s bitch explosion. I would have even been okay with Daniel winning, just because he does have talent... but, let's face it, it should have been Santino.
Yes, I understand that everyone has issues with the man. But, COME ON, he's a fucking genius. And he is truly passionate about his work. Unlike Chloe. Who probably never even wanted to win... And it shows:

And the beautiful Santino...

What an upsetting evening.

Santino, darling, I have so much faith in you and your designs. Maybe it's best that you didn't win this fashion design mockery. I mean, you really don't need team Banana Republic "mentoring" you... fuck, you need to mentor them. I love you, Santino.


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