Sunday, August 27, 2006


Lo siento for my hiatus... but I have just settled into my living arrangments in Spain. Oh, I probably forgot to mention this. After 2 months of interning in New York, I decided that it was only appropriate to continue my education for a semester in Granada. You know, just to mix it up a bit. I will certainly get back to regularly scheduled programming (ie, sweater dresses) very soon, but it's much to warm here to think about Fall.
In all truthfullness, I am a bit disappointed with the southern Spaniard's typical style... but it is hot and the students from the University have yet to come into the city. Everyone is still on vacation, so I will reserve commentary for when I have reached a formal conclusion. I do have to say that while the girls here have left me underimpressed, the women are phonemenal. In fact, the older, the better. So chic and precious are the girlfriends walking arm-in-arm in their little floral dresses and beautifully coiffed blue hair. I have photos, but uploading them has proved challenging. I will post them as soon as I can.
A luego.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Have no fear...

Skinny jeans are not for everyone. On a recent shopping expedition through Intermix, I discovered that the drain-pipe Taverniti So jeans were not for me. Not because I tried them on and didn't like them, but because I couldn't get my toe through the leg opening. I wasn't too upset, I don't like the idea of denim squeezing the life out of my ankles, anyway.
Skinny jeans are only cool for little Lower East Side punk girl. For fashion femmes, I prefer a straight cut. Still narrow and slim, it's a little more sophisticated. shows us the ways with Earnest Sewn, Goldsign, and Nfy:

Also equally impressive is the Theory skinny jean. It's actually a very flattering fit on most shapes! On a related note, have you seen Theory's new website? It's very improved with a lovely "My Theory" feature that let's you shop around the website, create PDF files of your items, and even email them to a personal shopper.
Enough about jeans, what I'm really excited for are sweater dresses. Will post findings soon.